Full-Time Schedule

US$200.00 (Spanish)*

Part-Time Schedule, Mornings

US$150.00 (Spanish)*

Part-Time Schedule, Afternoons

US$120.00 (Spanish)*

Full-Time Schedule

US$250.00 (Mayan Languages)*

Part-Time Schedule, mornings

US$200.00 (Mayan Languages)*

Accomodation type:

Shared Bathrooms: US$110.00

Private Bathrooms: US$130.00


General Spanish

PLFM offers a total immersion program, in which students and teachers work one-on-one and students begins at their individual levels of competency. This program is individualized and flexible. Students can choose areas to emphasize, such as grammar, vocabulary, and Spanish language ¨survival skills¨. We have appropriate materials and techniques for effective practice to develop their abilities and skills, the students can speak with native speakers of the language that will help in the development of any profession or work.   The lesson is personalized for assist the student in all needs; initiating the class you will have oral diagnostic evaluation by the teacher, to determine language strengths and weaknesses, then we will prepare a weekly plan and at the end of the week each student will have a written exam to evaluate the progress of the Spanish lessons.